Safer Internet Day

This week, it was Safer Internet Day in the UK. This is a really helpful opportunity for people to learn about the dangers and how to be safe on the Internet, because there are lots of resources available for schools here:

LSA took part in this event by advertising the day on the school desktops. On the website for Safer Internet Day, there are various resources such as a quiz, short films, information for schools, and much more. Safer Internet Day is a great day in this country with the growing use and dependence on technologies and the Internet, so naturally we need to make sure everyone is safe.

Are you safe on the Internet? Find out here!

Matthew Hellewell


An interview with LSA Teachers


My name is Alijan and I have decided to interview two staff digital leaders for my blog post: Ms Fitzpatrick and Mr Wilson.

Me: What is it like being a staff Digital Leader?
Miss: It’s lots of fun because we get to know about lots of apps and websites other teachers are using. We can try and think of ways we can use them to help our students.
Sir:   It’s great being a staff digital leader because everybody always has great new ideas and is willing to share them with us. There is lots of enthusiasm for new ways of learning.
Me: What do the staff digital leaders do?
Miss: We evaluate how good certain apps and websites are and see how we can use them in school and we give each other training to show how we use them
Sir:  The staff digital leaders meet on a regular basis to discuss the best way to use digital technology in order to help people learn in different ways.
Me: How do the digital leaders help your specialist subject?
Miss: It means I’ve got a heads up about new ways to use technology ie. Google Cardboard and Pi code in space with Tim Peake.
Sir: Because music is quite a difficult subject to understand I try to use digital activities to help. I try to use Noteflight to help people use musical notation. The great thing is people can use them at home.
Me: Being a staff digital leader is clearly fun, but can there be times when it involves hard work?
Miss: Yes, as it takes a long time to find out how to use something. I use it takes time to get to grips with it.
Sir: It sometimes involves hard work when there is not much time to create digital resources. However, this can be solved by asking students to create the resources themselves.

Valtech Hackathon

Hi, I’m Kyla. On Monday the 21st of December 2015 my dad (Kevin Murray) took me to London for a hackathon that was going to be held at his work the next day. My trip started at around 7:30 on Monday when I was woken up by dad, after I woke we then finished packing and got in the car. We then went to Preston and then caught a train to London and had our breakfast on the train! Dad and I both had salmon and scrambled eggs on toast but I also had Tea and it was Delicious. When we arrived at Euston we got the tube to Barbican and walked to dads office. In the office I met Purnima, Nina, Priyanka and Beata. Purnima had me set up the goodie bags for the next day and I also had to sort out the groups for later on. Dad took me to White cross market for lunch and we had delicious French crepes! Then in the afternoon we were back for more work.

On day two I came in with dad and played on a computer for a while and then Isabel turned up followed by Esme so we had a table football tournament until everyone arrived. Once everyone arrived we played a game where a chocolate coin was placed in 1 of 4 boxes on the floor then one person had to pick up the coin but the other team members had to tell them what to do and there were only 2 commands that could be issued: move forward or pick up the coin. As the game went on, multiple coins and more commands were added making the game more complex and fun.

We then had a hot chocolate break followed by something called “hour of code” a website where you pick a game and complete 15 or so code based tasks and once you have finished you get to experiment with the code and make your own animation. Most of the groups did the Minecraft one but one group did Angry birds. Group 1 (my group) did the Minecraft code and it was really fun! The tasks were survival based and we had to do things like build a house and mine some blocks everyone really enjoyed it. The  hour of code was different to playing normal mine craft as Minecraft is a open world, sandbox video game where as the hour of code was Minecraft themed puzzles using a scratch based software.

We had another short break and then we got to the best part – coding robots! Cheryl, who had set up the hackathon, helped us code the robots and showed us all the cool things the robot could do. The robots were connected to the computers by a wire and we had to type in commands like //motor (300). There were 3 main things that you could tell the robot to do: you could tell it to move, make a sound or change the colour of the lights. My favorite thing to do was to change the colour of the lights because you could make the colour change really fast and really quick like a disco!

After a while Purnima came in and told us it was time for pizza, but everyone ignored her! We were all having such a good time she had to ask us 3 times before we left the robots. We then ate lunch, took a group photo, gave out goodie bags and played a few more games of table football until my dad came to pick me up.

Improve your phones battery life

Hi everyone. Tom here!
Be honest, we’ve all been there, just about to use your phone, and then you realize your battery’s dead, and you forgot to bring your charger. You know the feeling.
So that’s why I’m giving you:
A few easy tips to improve your phone’s battery life!
The first thing you should know is; I’m not trying to say use your phone less. Instead, these tips will let you use your phone more!

  • Screen Brightness
    This is perhaps the most effective way of increasing the battery life. Set the brightness at the lowest setting that you can still use, and leave it there.
  • Screen Timeout Time
    This will mean that you might have to turn your phone on more often, but this will improve your battery life!
  • Wireless Settings
    Turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when they’re not in use. This will mean that your phone isn’t always searching for networks, which will save battery!
  • Multi Tasking
    Even when you press the home button from an app, the app is still running in the background. This uses your phone’s processing power, and also battery.
  • Power Saver
    Depending on what type of phone you have: Apple, Motorola, Samsung… Your phone may come with a power saver app, if it does, it would be a good idea to turn it on

There you have it! 5 easy ways to increase your phones battery life!
That’s all from me, bye!

Vivo Release

Hey everyone,

This week is a very special week – our new rewards system was out last Friday and the digital leaders are going are celebrating. We have spent loads of time on this project and we are all glad to see it was time well spent. You will hear more from us soon.


Digital Leaders – New year

Hi everyone,

Welcome back! It’s going to be a great year for the digital leaders this year, and I’m sure you will enjoy some of the things we have planned. If you have any ideas of how we could implement more technology into school feel free to contact us at

We would love to hear from you.

That’s it for now. please keep track of our blog posts as we will be blogging with exciting news and information nearly every other week.


Digital week

**Digital Week** was a great week for both students and teachers alike! With ideas and help for the teachers at the *genius bar* and *guitar hero* for the students, no wonder it was so popular! One problem we had was that not many people went to check out the raspberry pi’s!

A **HUGE** thanks to all the **student digital leaders** who helped out with all of the activities that were going on during this fantastic week! Who knows what we will have planned for next year…


Vivo Demo

Hi everyone,

I last blogged about our trip to Pleckgate. When we were there I found out there is a company that has an online reward system called “vivo”. With Vivo teachers do not give out commendations instead they give out “vivos”. The vivos are basically a type of currency, you can use them to buy a wide variety of things. So I asked Mrs Cardno if we could find out more so we applied for a demo. The demo took place on last Monday and it was great, it helped us to understand what vivo really is and how schools use it. I really hope we can implement this into our school.

Will Kerwin

Trip to Pleackgate

Hey everyone its Will,

I’m Will, a year 7 student digital leader and last week me and 4 other Digital leaders went on a trip to a high school in Blackburn – I know it was fun! We took a minibus and traveled to Pleckgate high school.  Pleckgate has a 1:1 system with Ipad’s for students, which means that each student has their own Ipad to use in their lessons. We were looking to see if we could have the same system for our school, so that all LSA students can have an iPad. We learnt a lot from our visit and our new knowledge should help us to make the right decisions, if we begin the program in the future.

Digital Leaders Meeting With Mr Webster – Business Manager

So what have we been up to? Recently myself (James Houston) and Ali Roman organised a meeting with Mr. Webster (The business manager) to discuss future updates to computers and technology in school. We discussed some current issues we have with technology in school and our ideas about how we can best solve them, as well as possible future technology we (as students) would like to see in school!
Currently there is already a plan set in place for this year and there are many changes happening to technology. We are now updating computers when needed rather than on a four to five-year contract. This will better enable the school to change computers which are extremely slow or that are no longer working. We recognize that there isn’t an infinite budget so we discussed our ideas like extra RAM and graphics cards with Mr. Webster to see what was possible. Unfortunately as there is already a plan in place, those ideas can’t currently happen however there were many positives to the meeting!
Regular meetings each term will be held between members of the digital leader team and Mr. Webster to discuss ideas that we as a school would like; this can then be built into the economic plan. Again there is limited resources available, however these regular meetings will enable the business manager to keep up to speed with the needs of the students which could be implemented in the future. As well as this we learnt of the deliberate damage of school computers by some students. We understand this is costing the school around £8000 per year. This has led us to explore; raising awareness of this issue in the hope to reduce the amount of deliberate damage caused. Obviously computers degrade over time however more needs to be done make pupils aware of it. Money saved on deliberate damage could then be spent on things that we as pupils want.
Although there isn’t a lot that can be done now, things have been set in motion to allow the digital leader team to make more of an impact in school. Hopefully now there is a better connection between us and the business manager we can better get our points across and see what is affordable. This will subsequently allow us to make a bigger impact to technology in school and enable us to get not only our view, but the general view of the students across to the people who can make it happen.